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Daily Directional Signals

Over 85% Accuracy Rate

Swing Trading

Over 3300 S&P (es futures) Points in 2016

Annual Investment Portfolio

Low/Medium risk Portfolio Returned over 35% in 2016



Confidently Know The Direction For The Intra-Day S&P Market Index And Trade With The Trend

  • Over 85% Accuracy Since Inception
  • Know The Days Trend In Advance

Swing Trading

Weekly Stock Picks For Swing Trading Positions - Lasting from a day up to two weeks

  • Over 90% Win Rate
  • Optionable - Allowing you to use options for leverage

Longer Term

Top 10 stock picks for the year. Outperformed the S&P each year and has provided consistent returns since 2006

  • Consistent low/medium risk returns
  • Performance has beat the S&P average each year

Program Trading for 18 December 2017

Sell Programs No Programs Buy Programs Index Sell Active (SA) Sell Threshold (ST) Fair Value (Premium) (FV) Buy Threshold (BT) Buy Active (BA) S&P 500 (TM) 0.45 1.48 2.86 4.10 5.03 NASDAQ 100 (SM) 8.98 14.07 21.00 22.64 23.84 Dow Jones Ind. Avg. (SM) 2.98 7.23 12.91 29.23 41.45

Levels of Interest for 18 December 2017

R3  2714.00     R2  2703.33     R1  2692.67 DP  2672.58 S1  2661.92     S2  2641.83     S3  2631.17

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Customer Comments

Eric P.

Greetings Edvesting staff, I have been very selective with my trades...mostly the SPY, YTD I am up 42% thanks to what I have learned about the Dark Pool Prints here.  Thanks again!

Eric P.Trader
Roger Y.


Roger Y.Happy Trading!
Cheryl O.

Very happy with your service. This has helped me arrange my portfolio the way I wish to and has been consistently profitable. Thank you.

Cheryl O.
Manuel S.

I wanted to reach out and thank you for the past few months of signal service. I follow your daily signals and have done well using your directional signals. You guys somehow always know. Cheers!

Manuel S.Private Investor


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