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Daily Directional Bias

Over 14,000 S&P (es futures) Points to-date in 2020

Swing Trading

Over 90% Accuracy Win Rate

Annual Investment Portfolio

Follow our Top-10 stock picks for the year. Outperformed the S&P each year since 2006!



Confidently Know The Direction For The Intra-Day S&P Market Index And Trade With The Trend

  • Over 85% Accuracy Since Inception
  • Know The Days Trend In Advance

Swing Trading

Weekly Stock Picks For Swing Trading Positions - Lasting from a day up to two weeks

  • Over 90% Win Rate
  • Optionable - Allowing you to use options for leverage

Longer Term

Top 10 stock picks for the year. Outperformed the S&P each year since 2006

  • Consistent low/medium risk returns
  • Performance has beat the S&P average each year

Todays Markets

Economic Calendar by TradingView

Todays Market

Economic Calendar by TradingView

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Customer Comments

Greetings Edvesting staff, I have been very selective with my trades...mostly the SPY, YTD I am up 42% thanks to what I have learned about the Dark Pool Prints here.  Thanks again!


Very happy with your service. This has helped me arrange my portfolio the way I wish to and has been consistently profitable. Thank you.

I wanted to reach out and thank you for the past few months of signal service. I follow your daily signals and have done well using your directional signals. You guys somehow always know. Cheers!


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Two veteran traders with a combined 35+ years of market experience committed to straight forward, high probability trading
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Trade Performance

See our recent performance - currently 85% win rate for daily signals, 90%+ on swing trades, and 15%+ average return on our investment portfolio
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