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Bloomberg: Euro Set to Cap Best Year Since '03 as Dollar Dips: Markets Wrap
The dollar looked set to limp out of a bruising year for the U.S. currency that’s seen the euro head for its best performance since 2003. [more...]
Bloomberg: Bitcoin Rebounds to $15,000 as Investors Find a Bottom, For Now
Bitcoin appeared to find a bottom Friday, rebounding to $15,000 after moves by South Korea to curb speculation and protect retail customers took the cryptocurrency down more than 8 percent yesterday. [more...]
Bloomberg: China Says It Created a France-Sized Pile of New Jobs Since 2012
With China’s labor market looking the best it has in years, a new report shows new jobs created in urban areas over the last five years nearly equal the population of France. [more...]
Bloomberg: Get Set for Petro, Venezuela's Cryptocurrency Answer to Bitcoin
In a new twist to the cryptocurrency craze, Venezuela, the South American oil giant in default on some of its dollar bonds, plans to issue its own digital unit, dubbed the petro. [more...]
Bloomberg: A Top Fidelity Money Manager Bets on Electric Cars, Refineries
A top Fidelity money manager’s all over the coming electric vehicle revolution, but he’s also betting gas-guzzlers have life in them. [more...]
Bloomberg: Six Market Charts to Watch for Hints on Next Year's Big Moves
Will the stock market’s record-breaking rally stumble? Is the dollar doomed again? How flat can the Treasury curve get? [more...]
Reuters: Boom year for stocks and commodities, downer for the dollar
Asian markets were ending 2017 in a party mood on Friday after a year in which a concerted pick-up in global growth boosted corporate profits and commodity prices, while benign inflation kept central banks from snatching away the monetary punch bowl. [more...]
Reuters: U.S. oil prices hit highest since mid-2015 on surprise output drop
U.S. oil prices hit their highest levels since mid-2015 on the final trading day of the year as an unexpected fall in American production and a fall in commercial crude inventories stoked buying. [more...]
CNBC: Trump threatens China, says Russia inquiry makes America 'look very bad'
President Donald Trump suggested on Thursday that he may act on his numerous threats against China following reports of the Asian giant providing oil to North Korea. [more...]
CNBC: This is the currency that performs best at the start of a new year
If you are wondering which currency, other than the U.S. dollar, to hold at the start of a new year, past trades show you'll be better off with euros. [more...]
Currency Strength Indicators
​​​​​​​The currency strength meter gives you a quick visual guide to which currencies are currently strong, and which ones are weak. The meter measures the strength of all forex cross pairs and applies calculations on them to determine the overall strength for each individual currency. For example, if EUR is strong and USD is weak, it could mean that the currency pair EURUSD could be going up. If both currencies are strong or weak it is better to avoid since it will probably means there is no clear direction for the specific pair. To get the latest Currency Strength Indicator please click here

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