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CNBC: UK Brexit Secretary David Davis resigns
Brexit Secretary David Davis has resigned because he was not willing to be "a reluctant conscript" to Prime Minister Theresa May's plans to leave the European Union, delivering a blow to a British leader struggling to end divisions among her ministers. [more...]
Bloomberg: Asian Stocks Gain With Yuan as Trade Woe Set Aside: Markets Wrap
Asian stocks gained, building on a positive Friday session for global equities, as investors set aside concerns about escalating trade tensions to prepare for the latest earnings season after signs of continued economic strength. [more...]
Bloomberg: JPMorgan Maps Out Currencies to Buy If a Recession Is Coming
If a U.S. or global recession is looming, it’s time to own the Swiss franc, Singapore dollar, U.S. dollar and Japanese yen -- and ditch emerging market currencies, according to analysts from JPMorgan Chase & Co. [more...]
Bloomberg: World Bank CEO Adds to Voices of Worry Over Global Debt Pileup
Global debt is becoming a bigger worry as the global policy tightening cycle takes hold, a top boss at the World Bank warned Monday. [more...]
Bloomberg: Here's How a Trade War Between the U.S. and China Could Get Ugly
The first shot of the U.S.-China trade war went off without much of a reaction from investors. The calm may be short lived. [more...]
Bloomberg: World's Best Risk/Reward Trade Is Long 10-Year Bund: NatWest
It’s time to double down and add to long positions in 10-year German bunds, which offer the best risk-reward trade in the world, according to NatWest Markets Plc. [more...]
Bloomberg: Currencies in Longest Losing Run Since 2015 on Trade: EM Review
Emerging-market currencies declined for a sixth straight week after the U.S. fired the first shot in a trade dispute between the world’s biggest economies. Equities fell for a fourth week. [more...]
Bloomberg: Swiss Plan First End-to-End Exchange to Trade Digital Assets
SIX, the owner of Switzerland’s securities exchange in Zurich, is creating platform for trading digital assets, boosting a nascent industry that some countries are trying to suffocate. [more...]
Reuters: Asia rallies on U.S. jobs relief, pound pinched by politics
Asian shares rallied on Monday as favorable U.S. jobs data whetted risk appetites, while sterling wobbled after the shock resignation of two UK ministers over Brexit threatened the survival of Prime Minister Theresa May. [more...]
Reuters: Sea of red in Treasury market may signal bond boom is over
The 10-year U.S. Treasury note that debuted in August 2016 9128282A7=RRPS when the bond market was near its peak has had a rough ride, its price falling ever since and no reprieve in sight. [more...]
CNBC: Shares of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi open for trade below IPO price
Shares of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi opened for trade down more than 2 percent on their debut in Hong Kong on Monday, following a disappointing pricing and a listing delay in mainland China. [more...]
CNBC: The US is facing soaring trade deficits, but rising energy prices are a bigger danger
America’s foreign trade deficits on goods transactions are getting worse. After an increase of 7.7 percent in 2017, those deficits were growing in the first five months of this year at an almost identical annual rate. [more...]
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