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Bloomberg: Stocks Mixed, Yen Down as History Made on Korea: Markets Wrap
Stocks in Asia meandered and the yen weakened as investors await the details of a "comprehensive" and historic document signed by U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. [more...]
Bloomberg: The $1.4 Trillion U.S. ‘Surplus’ That Trump’s Not Talking About
The U.S. has a surplus of $20 billion with China and $1.4 trillion with the rest of the world. That’s not a normal trade balance, of course, where the U.S. registered an annual deficit of more than $330 billion with China and about $550 billion with the world last year, but an "aggregate sales surplus" which measures both direct trade and the sales of multinational companies, according to research by Deutsche Bank AG. [more...]
Bloomberg: Quant Funds Are Selling Stocks With Hidden Volatility Building
A record spike in equity volatility couldn’t get the quants to sell, but bubbling market stress below the surface has finally spurred them to offload. [more...]
Bloomberg: Chinese Investors Grow Wary of Australia as Tensions Rise
Chinese investors are turning cautious on Australia as a survey showed the No. 2 economy’s state-owned enterprises pulled back on deals for the first time in three years. [more...]
Bloomberg: Wary Investors Are Flying to China to Quell Default Fears
The surge in Chinese company bond defaults has overseas investors deciding they need to take a closer look.
Edmund Goh, an Asia fixed-income investment manager at Aberdeen Standard Investments, says he’s planning to take more trips to China to get intelligence that’s hard to gain from afar. [more...]
Bloomberg: Pakistan Devalues Its Currency for Third Time Since December
Pakistan’s central bank devalued the rupee for a third time since December amid a worsening economy and speculation the country will need support from the International Monetary Fund. [more...]
Reuters: Stocks, dollar rise as Trump says U.S.-North Korea summit 'really very positive'
The dollar jumped to a 3-week top on Tuesday and Asian shares rose as U.S. President Donald Trump said a summit meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un had made “a lot of progress,” boosting hopes of a landmark deal to end a nuclear standoff on the Korean peninsula. [more...]
Reuters: With rate hike in the bag, focus turns to Fed's policy language
With the Federal Reserve virtually guaranteed to raise interest rates this week, investors are focused on how the U.S. central bank characterizes its monetary policy as borrowing costs return to more normal levels amid an ongoing economic expansion. [more...]
CNBC: Trump and Kim sign 'very comprehensive' document. Trump says details to come
U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday signed an agreement to work toward complete denuclearization and lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula. [more...]
CNBC: China could come away a big winner from a US-North Korea peace deal
The milestone summit between North Korea's Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump has major implications for China, which has geopolitical and security interests at stake on the Korean Peninsula. [more...]
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