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Bloomberg: Stocks Push Higher With Oil, Dollar Pares Advance: Markets Wrap
Asian stocks climbed to the highest in a month and measures of volatility continued to drop amid optimism that global growth can weather any impact from trade tensions. The dollar pared gains and oil extended its rise. [more...]
Bloomberg: Down $1 Trillion, World’s Worst Stocks Near Make-or-Break Level
In a Chinese stock market infatuated with round numbers, 3,000 has emerged as the latest fixation for investors trying to gauge the government’s commitment to ending a nearly $1 trillion selloff. [more...]
Bloomberg: AI-Powered Drug Developer Hits $2 Billion Valuation, Plans Hires
Benevolent AI, a London-based startup that’s using artificial intelligence to discover new drugs, has received $115 million in additional funding to hire more people and expand its focus to new diseases. [more...]
Bloomberg: Oil Rise May Keep India Stocks in Check, $4 Billion Manager Says
While Indian equities have been pinched this year by internal and external concerns including the threat of a global trade war, rising crude oil poses a bigger danger, according to Tata AIA Life Insurance Co. [more...]
Bloomberg: Investors Are Getting Worried About an Inverted Yield Curve
To Citigroup Inc., the chances are slim that the U.S. enters a recession anytime soon. Officials at the Federal Reserve feel the same way. Yet both camps agree that an inverted Treasuries yield curve would be an ominous sign for growth. [more...]
Bloomberg: It's Back to Days of Melt-Up Elation for Stock Volatility Gauges
The days when investors were enthusing over a “melt-up” in global equities disappeared quickly in the turmoil of early February. The corresponding record spike in the VIX disappeared almost as fast. [more...]
Bloomberg: Crypto Founder Tweets From Beach, Investors Fear for Their Cash
Investors in cryptocurrency startup Savedroid are wondering whether the founder ran off with their money, the site has been hacked, or if it’s all part of an elaborate joke. A South Park meme with big, block letters saying "And It’s Gone," was the only thing on the company’s website on Wednesday. [more...]
Bloomberg: Bitcoin Whale Sightings Are Leaving Cryptocurrency Traders Jumpy
Occasional sighting of Bitcoin whales are leaving advocates of the biggest cryptocurrency anxious after what’s already been a choppy week of trading. Sudden market swings in the cryptocurrency this week have left price charts looking like a jack-o-lantern’s smile. [more...]
Reuters: Oil near late-2014 highs as Saudi backs higher prices, U.S. crude stocks decline
Oil prices rose on Thursday to their highest since the end of 2014 as U.S. crude inventories declined and as top exporter Saudi Arabia pushes for higher prices by continuing to withhold supplies. [more...]
CNBC: Global debt is at historic highs and governments should start cutting levels now, the IMF says
Global debt hit its highest levels ever and governments should take actions to reduce their indebtedness while the going is still good, the International Monetary Fund said. [more...]
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